Exclusive Mixtape Series #7: Prim

The seventh in our exclusive mixtape series comes from non other than Newcastle tech house legend Prim. Prim has been a staple on the Newcastle dance music scene for many years now, and with that in mind I wanted to find out more about his views on a city that was was voted 'Top 5 nights out in the UK', and the scene and nights that helped it to that level. Aside from that the mix is incredible, and if you enjoyed Six Foot Sick's mixtape (#3 in the series) then I'm sure you'll love this too.

What is 'Prim Sessions'?
The Prim Sessions is the name of my weekly radio show, not My name as many people think! The name wasn't even my idea but my old station manager Alberto from O.M Radio in Valencia. I had toyed with way too many titles so I just asked Alberto to come up with something that would translate well, any way 'WAXXA TRAXX' wouldn't have went down so well.

The show goes out weekly on a few FM stations round the world as well as via the magic of the internet and a few stations are signing up for later in the year.it's now a 1hr show, it used to be 2hrs but after 3 years it was taking way too long to produce as well as keep up with everything else I was trying to get done so I chopped it in half and it has been a lot more successful in that format, hitting 40,000 plus a week listeners, past guests? Way too many to mention.

What do you think of the dance music scene in Newcastle?
Do you think its quite diverse? Yeah it is pretty diverse, one end of the spectrum you can 'gan mental' to the latest Clubland tracks and then, walk a few hundred metres and get down to some sub 120bpm Disco grooves. That said it's just as diverse as any other large University city, but we have a different edge and approach in Newcastle which is I suppose what people love. What other city can you go to a restaurant and see Matt Tolfrey banging out techno to people paying for drinks with Tea Bags (Long story!) or turn up at a bar and go upstairs to discover a roof terrace party with 3 or 4 guys banging out deep house and Disco? There are two sides to the coin in Newcastle with the 'residents' and the 'students' picking and choosing which nights to fill, regardless of musical genre.  I would say though that Newcastle wouldn't fail to impress any visitor to the city most nights of the week.

House / Techno / Dubstep / Disco / Drum and Bass all catered for with some of the countries most renowned and notorious nights having residencies in the city. Heavyweight (DUBSTEP) / Turbulence (Drum and Bass) / Nevilles Disco-Bad Passion-Bread and Circus (Disco and Moustache House) Love Dough (R n B shit) and obviously the big hitters Shindig and Jaunt for the  house and techno nights, and now Back 2 Basics is joining the party! (should you want to get off your face and have a few blue WKD's and a fight get yourself to Envy…they bang out the finest in cheesy shit every sat night for only £8.50!)

Do you see a divide between the scenes with older dudes with nights like cleer, prim session, jaunt and shindig, and then the younger dudes like Mudlove, Zoo and Rub a dub dub? or is it all one scene?
Insider analysing scene? SPLIT! In some way or other I have been involved in the Newcastle scene since around 1993! so I know a fair bit about what goes on and how it works or fails, a lot of the newer nights that are popping up regarded more as student nights to the residents of Newcastle and the other promoters. where as they keep it up all year and the newer nights disappear in summer, it's good but it also hurts the scene as a whole, creating an overkill in such a small city. Where most nights are using the same club! we have just came out of a bad time where some nights had failed to bring in the people they hoped and those that try hard to promote and push the boundaries unfortunately fail, within a week there was three nights all of the same genre in two different clubs! Not good for those that have the passion and drive to invest their wages into such an night. The basic rule, if you don't get the Uni crowds, you don't have a night!

Do you think Newcastle has a party scene to rival other cities?

Can you tell us a bit more about this mix, is it what you usually play?
This is the 3rd mix I actually recorded for this. I originally wanted more of a mixtape feel to the mix but it wasn't sitting right to me, then I thought about bringing it a bit more chilled Techno, something for those summer days, but then I thought i'd just record what I would play if I was to get a booking and they said "Make em dance!"

As I DJ I have never DJ'd to other DJ's, it's a massive failing on the part of many people that get behind the decks and try to impress, playing the 'cool' tracks, it gets lost in translation between the DJ and the dancefloor, and thats not what it's about. Those people standing round the edges scrutinising your every track "oh, thats not the blah blah remix" or "that beat was just out there" are not the people I'm trying to impress! It's the group of people that are in the middle of the dancefloor having the time of their life and I'm helping them do it!

I will endeavour to bring a few curveballs into the game sometimes, like at just about any live set I have done there will be a point where I think, this will freak them out a bit, and then I'll go for it. Thats why I like using Traktor, you can loop the shit out of something and then if it's working launch into the full thing. It's all about the dancefloor and the tunes, the vibe, if they aren't dancing it's not working.

This set is pretty much like I said, a party set, I do play across the board House and Techno but my 'Lo -Slung' Techno sound as in this mix is more a mix of the basslines and breakdowns around at the minute, pretty much inspired by the Dirtybird/Anabatic boys (and Girl, shout to JPhlip) from San Francisco. I get a lot of tracks direct from artists and sometimes even before they are finished just to give them an airing and see how they go down, I fucking love that!

What's next for Prim and Prim sessions?
Well for The Prim Sessions i'm getting the next couple of months bookings sorted and then as Prim i have a mini tour in Serbia due for august. late 2010 i'm aiming to getting back into more live dates I miss playing in clubs and with spending so much time getting the shows I missed a lot of opportunity and laid off even trying for gigs, but thats changing. Keep an eye out for me from winter onwards! Don't forget to check the blog.

You can download the mix by hitting the image at the top, or clicking here.

Jesse Rose – Don't Stop
Hickup – Hakazou! (unreleased)
Hector Couto – Disturbed Minds (Christian Fischer Remix)
Yankee Zulu – Toma!
Marc Miroir – Polypot (Daniel Steinberg Remix)
Tom Flynn – Purple Bird (unreleased)
Norman – Unschitbare Zweitfrisur (Harry Axt Remix)
Sascha Braemer – Club Foot
Lorcan Mak – Brass My Ass (Yankee Zulu)
Zombie Disco Squad – The Duke Sound
The Martin Brothers – Duckface
Tom Flynn – Twisty
Dapayk and Dapayk Solo – How Low?
Bee Low – Horny As A MotherFu**er
Claude vonStroke and Jphlip – California
The Beastie Boys – Lee Majors Come Again

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