Interview: Moxie

I spend a lot of my time sat in front of a computer, most of which is during the day in an office, surrounded by babble I’d rather block out. In order to pass the day when I’m performing monotonous tasks I’ve taken to tuning into a lot of underground internet radio stations, such as relative upstarts NTS. By far and away my favourite show is Moxie’s, broadcasting fortnightly Wednesdays at 3pm. She has the incredible way of using bass music as a start point, and as the bare bones of the show, and using it to connect the dots between old school hip-hop, soul, grime, RnB, house and everything in-between.

It makes for a great listen, and after tuning in once I was hooked. After finding out she was an artist and involved heavily with London’s notorious night ‘Deviation’, was I was keen to catch up and find out a little more about the world of Alice ‘Moxie’ Moxom.

How did you get into DJing? And what made you want to pursue it in the first place? 

I was always curious about music when I was growing up and after doing an after school workshop with a youth project called Bigga Fish I was able to give it a go and the rest is history!

Female DJs like yourself and Monki are making a big noise in london right now, with both of you holding down arguably two of the best online radio shows in the city. Has there ever been a point where you weren’t taken seriously as a DJ due to your gender? And what’s your reaction to that? 

Thank you for the props, it’s great to know people are tuning into the show and appreciate the effort that goes in, also big up to Monki, it’s inspiring to see how much she has grown as a DJ since starting her show on Rinse.

Regarding gender, I think whether you’re a girl or a boy you have to prove yourself in what ever field it is you work in.  I think if you put the effort in and do it well then regardless of sex people will respect you.  There will always be ignorant people where ever you go, it’s up to you as a person to do what makes you happy and not care about what other people think or say.  Or at least that’s what I tell myself!

Going on from that, how did you land your NTS show? And are you given free musical reign with it? 

Femi who started up the station approached me at the end of last year and asked if I would like to be involved.  A couple of months later the station was live and I came on board.  I’m so proud to be a part of it as there are some really great shows on there. Sometimes I tune in and I’ll just listen to people discussing their personal record collections or maybe another day someone will be reciting their favourite poems. There is a real love and passion from everyone involved, which is what makes it so worth while.

For me personally it’s a great station as there is so much room for me to play what I want and I am given complete freedom, I can make my show what I want it to be.

What I like about your show is the span of genres it crosses, which showcases your broad music knowledge. What producers/singers are you digging right now? 

There’s a Scottish producer called Beaumont who has a tune called Tokyo that I just can’t get enough of, it’s taken from his Blush Response EP out on Boxcutter’s label Kinnego Records.  Quadron are a great duo from Copenhagen, I would highly recommend buying their self titled album Quadron, it came out last year and I still have it on repeat at home. Also look out for the new Mizz Beats 10″ coming out on Eglo, it includes the tunes ‘Pimpin’ & ‘Scientific Brainpriest’. I also designed the artwork for that so something to keep an eye out for in the record shops!

What’s next for Moxie?
Making art and sharing the music I love with the people that wanna hear it.



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