aNYthing Spring / Summer 2012 Preview

aNYthing (or ‘A New York Thing’) are the NY based brand run by ex-Supreme store employee and all round cool king of New York, Aaron Bondaroff, have given us the chance to exclusively showcase their Spring / Summer 2012 collection. The conditions for the shoot however were far from anything resembling spring or summer (it was bloody freezing) but Sarah braved it out, and we got it done on the roof of Present on Shoredtich High Street.

The collection is everything we’ve come to expect from the brand. Awesome snapbacks, varying t-shirt graphics and thick jumpers. That’s one of the things I actually want to focus on. The fit. A lot of new brands miss a trick with fits of clothing, and forget that its so important. If you’ve got the sickest graphic ever but your t-shirt is badly sourced and fits like shit, nobody is going to wear it. Some people complain that brands like aNYthing, Supreme etc, are all a little pricey, but have you seen the quality of their garments? Have you seen the stitch quality and fabric selection? I’m by no means suggesting that aNYthing are a new brand, they aren’t at all. But I’m justifying why they’re in the position they are and your shitty t-shirt brand can’t sell it’s first ‘collection’ on your bigcartel store.

aNYthing kill it on this front, I keep returning to their shirts and t-shirts because they not only fit so well, but they are constructed so much better than most, and that’s important to a 6′ 3″ clumsy luddite with a habit of destroying clothes. The hat’s too are better than most. The most noticeable thing is that they actually fit properly on my giant head, the proportions are right and more often than not little details are on point, like leather straps instead of the standard snap back.

I’m aware I’ve ranted here but I just wanted to get across that one of aNYthing’s key strengths is their attention to detail in the places that matter most. Fit, fabric, and quality. A thing that most brands are missing.

aNYthing Spring / Summer 2012 

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