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I have a confession to make… I’m obsessed with bags, more specifically backpacks, I can’t quite put my finger on why this particular form of luggage holds such a place in my heart, perhaps it’s the closeness to it you are as a wearer, or maybe it’s the perfect nature of it’s design… either way, I’m a sucker for something with two straps that’s you throw on your back.

So imagine my delight when I came across IGNOBLE… an artisan design and manufacturing facility in LA that shares my obsession with the humble backpack.

I couldn’t resist purchasing the beautiful ‘Cora Classic’ and finding out a little more about this intriguing company and it’s products.
I’ll be doing a full review of my Cora and sharing more images of this stunning bag, but first I had the pleasure with catching up with IGNOBLE founder and one of the 2 brothers who call IGNOBLE home Dean Hinds… I truly nice guy with an amazing attitude to life, bags and coffee…

So first of all the name Ignoble… It’s very unusual, can you tell us about it’s origins?

As with most decisions relating to the brand, the process of choosing a name involved a lot of coffee, a fair bit of research, and an excess of conversation. We arrived at IGNOBLE as follows:

First, it’s a reference to the language of noir cinema, which is one of our primary aesthetic influences;
Second, it’s an acknowledgement of the commonplace of backpacks in our culture, both in terms of their use and their manufacture;
Third, I’m a sucker for well-placed ironic humor.

All your bags are blacked out… Is there any significance to the colour way and monotone approach?

IGNOBLE is a design-centric brand. The self-imposed color limitation keeps us focused on bag shape and function, instead of getting lost in the cosmetic details. Too, Doug and I agree that everything just looks better totally blacked out.

Can you tell us a little more about why Ignoble only do Rucksacks?

Simply put, backpacks are an obsession for us, no different than how others obsess about shoes, synthesizers, cooking gear… whatever. And despite there being so many different companies in the backpack market, Doug and I consistently struggle to find products we’re excited about. So we design and produce them. And it keeps us busy.

How do you go about planning a new bag? Do you imagine the client? Or is it more of an organic process?

Coffee, research, conversation, repeat. It’s a continual process, one that generates more ideas that we could ever possibly produce. Given the ongoing nature of the process, bringing a new bag to market is about sifting through the idea-box and picking out the designs we’re most excited with, and that are the best fit for the brand.

I’m fascinated by your site/blog, it has a very emotive feel, not like any other e-commerce site I’ve come across, how did you start putting it together?

We recognized that, in creating IGNOBLE, we had the opportunity to tell a story that was greater than the sum of the brand’s products. So we went for it. The result is a continuously evolving work of noir time-travel fiction, the existence of which feeds directly into the look and feel of the IGNOBLE website and the brand at large.

If you weren’t designing and making bags you’d be?

Coming up with other ways to connect with people.

I get the feeling music plays a big part in your life, what’s on the office stereo right now?

At exactly this moment: Fuck Buttons, Surf Solar. Definitely, music is one of the top three critical components to the progress of IGNOBLE, right behind coffee and the internet.

Large-scale commercial manufacturing abroad has had a lot of bad press lately, how have you found keeping everything local?

It’s stellar.  Besides the obvious economic, environmental, and ethical benefits, keeping production local allows us to manufacture in low volume, which minimizes waste and shortens the quality control feedback loop on our gear. It also frees up capacity for us to develop multiple ideas simultaneously, which we wouldn’t otherwise be able to do given IGNOBLE is such a tiny company.

Are there any collaborations you’d like to do?

Survival gear. It’s a personal fascination of mine and I think we’d kill at it.

What’s next for Ignoble?

Black Backpacks. The rest is in the details.


Big thanks to Dean for taking time out of a busy schedule to talk to Breaks!

If you’re into bags, I seriously urge you to check out these guys output… sheer brilliance!
Keep your eyes peeled for the Cora Classic review and shoot… coming soon.

To find out more about IGNOBLE hit up their website at: http://www.ignoblebags.com/


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