Tramlines: Part II

On Saturday 21st of July, Red Bull Studios Live, teamed with Toddla T, armed with some of the most exciting talent in UK music, took Sheffield’s Tramlines Festival by STORM. Providing a fruitful (to say the least) day and night of party vibes and epic mixes, no soul could possibly stand still.

Line-Up Reminder:

Toddla T Sound // Benga & Youngman // Jackmaster // Mele // Oris Jay // Autograff

Julio Bashmore // T. Williams // L-Vis 1990 // Oneman // Squarehead // Tuesday Club DJs

So, ill set the tone of the day, its Saturday morning, pushing the hangover to one side from Reign the night before, train tickets to hand, we set out for Sheffield.

Upon arrival we pile off the packed train, into a station full off people with similar ideas of dancing in the glorious sun at what can only be described as the UK’s best metropolitan festival.

Was nice to catch up with some old faces, shame we all had the same shoes on, holler Janoski Crew.

I got my weed, got my hash, got my back stage pass.

The day kicked off with smooth warm up party vibes controlled by the Tuesday Club Dj’s. Playing songs such as “Roots Manuva – Witness Dub” setting the deep tones in the Sheffield sun.

Then came Squarehead, scratching vinyl like nobody’s business, demonstrating (very impressively) reasons why he in his own right is a master of the art of scratching.

The crowd waited in anticipation for what was about to happen next, the one and only ONEMAN. This guy, when it comes to song choice and music knowledge, knows his shit. Seamlessly mixing in key without a glitch, or beat out of place. In a row he went from “Prince – I Would Die 4 U” to “Sweet Female Attitude – Flowers” to “Niggas In Paris – Jay Z and Kanye West”. Also dropping tunes by Disclosure and Jamie XX; the crowd received him well. Coming off stage he said “It was sweet, thought I would give em’ a small taste of a real set” I was blown away by his performance, so if you get the chance, go and see him at his own show! Personally, I would hope that Radio 1 take him on, and let him share his knowledge with the world.

High as a Mo Fo, Oneman doing his thing, if you want to hear more of him, download his latest Fabric Live mix.

Following Oneman came no other than the don of Night Slugs Records, L-VIS 1990. Going in hard with his unmistakable sound, playing songs by the likes of Bok-Bok (his fellow partner at Night Slugs) amongst a large array of his own songs. The crowd, fueled by what can only been seen as Red Stripe, One Armed Scissors (Vodka Red Bulls) and UK Bass, received L-Vis with open arms as the sun began to set.

Then 2012 Red Bull Music Academy participant, T. Williams, entered stage left, throwing out basslines such as “Heartbeat”, bounding of the stage after his bass heavy set he said “this is the sickest party ever”.

Julio Bashmore, needing no introduction, presently one of the biggest names in house music, brought the days festivities to a close, demonstrating why he has been added to BBC Radio One’s “In New DJs we Trust”. Some dancing was done; I was by this time well enough lit for the nighttime events to begin.

After a quick hotel pit stop, and a mahoosive burger, we were back to The Octagon to check out the remainder of this huge roster of artists. The nighttime event kicked in seamlessly at 9pm, with thousands of music fans flocking to the second venue to experience a change in tempo.

Jack master was up first, blending songs such as “R. Kelly – Bump N’ Grind” into yet more “Jay Z and Kanye West” getting the crowd going wild.  Then Red Bull Studios own homeboy, Mele, took genre bashing to a whole new level progressively mixing in and out of popular music with an underlying theme of bass. Toddla T took to the stage at midnight, for his new show ‘Toddla T Sound’. 60 minutes of lively electro dance, with vocal-heavy remixes. Serocee joined Toddla on stage, as did DRS, but the real highlight was Toddla’s remix of ‘You Might Need Somebody’ with Shola Ama providing vocals live.

Ill leave you with this video on the event, created by Calum Creasy.

Red Bull Studios Live & Toddla T at Tramlines Festival from Calum Creasey on Vimeo.

Thanks to Ricardo Rodrigues, for allowing us the opportunity to cover this event.

Photography by Emilia Frances Cross


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