Darren Henderson x Unit44

Darren Henderson is the latest artist to be exhibiting at the Unit44 Space. Flying with his army of Owls from Melbourne Australian the show is already turning heads here in the UK. The Mean, The Serene & Everything In Between opens on the 28th of September and already has a huge amount of rsvp’s. Find all the information here.

Darren Henderson is an artist / designer / illustrator from Australia, Victoria, Melbourne, Prahran … 3181. Since launching his career in 1990 he has slowly worked his way through Australia and the U.K. before finally settling back in Melbourne. With a combination of naivety and creativity he started ‘dirtygood and worldly creatures’ in 2000.

Dirtygood is based on the connected opposites that surround us in life. Put simple what is dark is light, what is wrong is right, what is dirty is good. Over the past years Darren has worked on projects for clients such as adidas Australia, Stella McCartney Salomon Australia, Russell Athletic, Alfasi Steel Constructions, Fosters Group, Melbourne Water and illustrated the Moonlight Cinema Campaign, and more recently completed a running campaign for adidas South East Asia.
Through the first Base field exhibition ‘The Great Divide’ in 2003 he met Jade Palmer and before they knew it they had The Autopsy Gallery in their beloved East St Kilda. Love, passion, and art are a primary focus. The Autopsy hosted shows with artists from Australia and overseas include Merda, Maya Hayuk, Shara Henderson, Tofer, Doze Green, Stormie Mills, Dmote, Robert Hardgrave, Kev Grey, Marco Cibola, & Mr Jago to name a few! Also hosting sell-out solo shows by Ben Frost and NYC’s José Parlá. The rest is a colourful history!http://www.dirtygood.com/

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