Back to the Toon

At the start of the month I┬áventured┬áback up to Newcastle for a change of pace and a change of scenery. Rather than go crazy and all ‘Geordie Shore’ I opted to spend my time working out of Reluctant Hero / Electrik Sheep and having lunch with old friends. I barely took any photos but the ones I did were either of Sole Heaven, or inside the aforementioned R.Hero / E.Sheep.

Both stores are incredible and there’s nowhere else like them in the North East. It was also a pleasure to spend the majority of my week in R.Hero – tying up loose ends and making 2012 plans in a relaxed environment did me the world of good.


Halloween Party

We had a Halloween party last night and I managed to bully some of my friends to pose in their outfits!

Laura’s Rooftop

My friend Laura lives in a beautiful art deco apartment building, and we recently figured out that we could get on the roof. So one summer morning a few months back we went exploring and checked it out! The view over London was incredible and my photos really don’t do it justice.